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Natasha is a passionate free thinking woman with a deep love and understanding for the sacred seed of wisdom within us all and is a huge advocate for women’s innate power.


A mother of three and an enthusiast for living in deep connection to our earth and the natural world around us, Natasha facilitates cacao ceremonies as a vibrational medicine for everyone to experience first hand. She holds space for others to uncover themselves in a deeper more meaningful way.


She has been guided by the spirit of cacao for over four years now, to serve cacao and remind humanity how it would feel to live everyday "Life as Ceremony".



A cacao ceremony is a place to drop inside yourself, to a place we often resist or find ourselves too busy to pay attention to. We sit down in a safe, comfortable, open minded space, sometimes face to face or sometimes in our own homes connected virtually sipping a warm creamy cup of ceremonial cacao, which can resemble drinking chocolate but with way more euphoria inducing tendencies.

Cacao is a plant medicine with no physco active components.

The chemical make up of cacao allows our nervous system to unravel, so we can feel more at peace within ourselves. During our ceremonies, Natasha guides the experience so it is suitable for everyone to join. Cacao meets everyone where they are. For some, it will be an experience of physical nourishment with the superfood make up of cacao, and for others, it will be deeply healing and spiritual.


A cacao experience allows us to get to know ourselves deeper. Natasha's technique is to lean into a more experiential learning of cacao, leaving a blank canvas for you to have your own individual experience.



Join me for a brand new sunrise ceremony experience. We will come together for sunrise and first explore the element of Water, sitting by the ocean's edge for sunrise entering the water fully or just sitting alongside it receiving its sound smell & cleansing powers. We will then journey together to the venue which is lush green earth where we will find our landing for a warm cacao around the fire. 


The intention of this morning together is ease, there will be no pressure no rush, just a slow-paced unravelling of our bodies and a curious listening to nature. When we spend time in nature we get to detox our bodies and minds from the pace in which the world asks us to operate to exist within it. 



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