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Quiet Forest

By the Fire at Sunrise


A morning of ceremony through the elements of Water Air Fire & Earth.

Date: 03/10/21

Time: 6.45am -9.45am

Location: Shankhill, Co. Dublin

Cost: €42.95


Join me for a brand new sunrise ceremony experience. We will come together for sunrise and first explore the element of Water, sitting by the ocean's edge for sunrise entering the water fully or just sitting alongside it receiving its sound smell & cleansing powers. We will then journey together to the venue which is lush green earth where we will find our landing for a warm cacao around the fire. 


The intention of this morning together is ease. There will be no pressure no rush, just a slow paced unravelling of our bodies and a curious listening to nature. We will be receiving nature's medicine, which sounds very fancy yet very simply it's just a slowing down into observing mode. When we spend time in nature, we get to detox our bodies and minds from the pace in which the world asks us to operate to exist within it. So imagine everyday life all of the to-do's and squeezing it might offer us and then feel what the complete opposite of that is? Wonderful right? Easeful right? 

While it may sound over simplified a lot of the time its hard work to really allow ourselves to slow down which is why the coming together helps, when we do anything as part of a group there's way more ease in the settling process.


We will indulge in a cacao ceremony, utilising the power of its ability to open our hearts and tap us into deeper parts of ourselves. Sharing this sacred elixir around the fire ignites all sorts of ancient wisdom and beauty inviting us even deeper into the state of being that is life as ceremony. 


Once we have finished our ceremony we will then share a Raw breakfast together Fruit & cold pressed juice, This will give us an opportunity to sit together and come back into a more 'normal' activity but enter it with more presence and slowness allowing us to really taste how good life can be when we slow down enough with it. We will have some sharing or Q&A whatever the group calls for but it will be a time for connection and light-hearted joy. 


This experience is for anyone, you don't need to be an expert or a die hard hippie you can be completely new to all of this and find your way here, its for anyone who has an open mind and wants to join in on something with other lionhearted people. It will be fully guided and you will always be sovereign and have choice (regarding swimming, cacao, food, meditation etc etc etc) you can come and play full out for yourself or you can come and toe dip and just bask in observing it all feeling it all out. Likewise it will contain a certain depth of frequency & energy that will make it nourishing for die hard hippies like myself LOL. 


So if you feel like you need a time out, or you just want to deepen your experience of life do come and join us. 


We will meet at 6.45 in Shankhill right before sunrise, exact location Eircode will be given via email before the event once you have booked. 


Should you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact me via email


I hope you know you are loved


This is an outdoor event and will go ahead in all weather conditions, except in the case of an orange or red weather warning. 

This event is non-refundable.



Date: 03/10/21
Time: 6.45am -9.45am
Cost: €42.95

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