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Become a Registered Keith's Cacao Practitioner

with Natasha Vavasour


Dates: October 6th - November 10th, 2022

Times: Thursdays, 8pm-9pm

Price: €600

Are you ready to expand your creative offerings? Or maybe just enhance your already divinely juicy offerings? 


Cacao might just be the very thing you need to bring into your community to ignite some fresh passion or grounding, maybe some deeper healing and connection?


Join me for an incredibly intimate 5 weeks of becoming a Keith's Cacao Practitioner. 


During these 5 weeks, we will explore cacao from all angles, the spiritual, the scientific, the chemical, the energetic, the origins, the physical and much more. This will be a deepening of your understanding of this plant magic and deepening into your own heart so you can share it within your community if you so choose. NOTE if you so choose this can be 100% done for you and your own personal practice.


We will come together for 1 weekly call where we will go through each aspect of cacao so you can really sink your teeth into information that will empower you. We will also join together in ceremony to ensure we are tending to our own inner work which is beyond pivotal in us offering this medicine to our community. Once we have completed the foundations of learning about cacao we will have a master class prepared by me, Natasha, a practitioner and cacao user for over 5 years now, having built a deeply nourishing life and business around this medicine I will bring all of the wisdom I have gained over the years. You also get a 1:1 session where you can get complete clarity on how to incorporate cacao into your business; maybe build a brand new offering with cacao? Maybe bring it into your corporate or professional business as a service? Maybe work deeply with your own healing. This 1:1 session ensures you get your own clarity on your unique desire and vision. 


You will have access to your own Thinkific account where you can complete a self-led version of Keith's The
Power of Cacao course. This includes many modules and written pieces of information directly from Keith and his team meaning you can learn at your own pace and have access to all information to browse whenever you want. The juiciest information, everything you could imagine knowing about cacao is covered in this body of work. You have 4 months to complete the modules within this course and once you complete and we have our 1:1 you will be a cacao practitioner.


You also receive 1 block of Keith's Cacao as part of your enrolment for use during our journey together.



Upon completion of this course, you will be a Keith's Cacao Practitioner, giving you access to a wholesale account with wholesale cacao prices and a community of incredible practitioners around the world and all of the discounts and goodies we receive as practitioners within this community. 


During our time together doing this course we will be connecting in a signal group as there is a small few of us. It won't be overwhelming but will act as a container in which we can embrace this journey together. 


Calls will be recorded and left within a Vimeo account should you not be able to attend live, but calls must be caught up on before the following weeks calls so we can stay together and complete within 4 weeks. (The completion of content within the self-led course content can be completed over 4 months but the intimate work with me will be done over 4 weeks together).


There is a limit of 10 spaces and there are 2 payment options;

  • Full fee upfront €600

  • €150 deposit upfront; balance of €500 (must be paid in full by 13th October 2022)

You receive a €50 discount for paying in full.

(Should you require an alternative payment plan contact me directly to discuss a new arrangement).


This information gives a divine outline on logistics, anything I've left out will be covered once applications have been closed and we have a group. 


Feel your heart, are you ready to alchemise your life? 


I'm ready to journey with you


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