An in-home ceremony for couples to explore the heart opening effects of cacao 

Dates: July 17th 

Times: 8pm-9.30pm

Price: €33

Join me for a date night with your lover/spouse/partner from the comfort of your own home, for 90minutes we will drop into a comfortable space and be led through a cacao ceremony allowing the plant medicine to open us up and flood us with the naturally occurring feel good chemicals. Cacao is sacred chocolate, I source cacao from the rain forest of Guatemala to ensure it's potent and as untouched from tree to cup as possible, allowing us to experience heightened states of love or release what blocks us from experiencing that love. When we tend to our own hearts first our capacity for intimacy with our partner greatly increases.


-2 singles serves of cacao delivered to your door.

-A how to prepare a cup of warm creamy cacao video.

-An opportunity to explore a date night that really offers more connection & intimacy within your relationships.

-A real in depth experience of the magic of cacao.

-A guided ceremony allowing you to show up and unravel into relaxation and receptivity, dissolving stress.

-Experience some connection techniques to bring into your relationship more often to maintain deeper connection.

-A unique experience that is guarantee'd to bring newness and aliveness back into your relationship and yourselves as individuals.

Turn one room in your house into a cosy den, close the door switch off from the world and allow the alchemy to occur. This journey is ideal for anyone who is somewhat interested in experiencing cacao and for those that have no idea what to expect but feel intrigued by what you have just read, its suitable for cacao lovers that wish to share this gift with their partner and for those that have never used cacao before. The practices will be very gentle and fully guided so there is no need to be spiritually inclined or belonging to the conscious community, this is for all humans of all kinds even those newly relating. The only requirement is that you have a small desire/curiosity to experience something new outside of a typical date night. Cacao is known to stimulate the heart and activate all of the bliss and love chemicals within the body it also acts as a aphrodisiac so it is an ideal companion to explore new depths with a partner, however that will not be part of our experience what you choose to do after ceremony is entirely up to you. Now you've read the details take a moment and deep breath and see have you smiled? Do you feel excitement at just the thoughts of blissing out with your partner in a new way ? Allow that be your guide!



Dates: July 17th

Times: 8.00pm-9.30pm

Price: €33