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A finger spiraling around your ankle, a tracing along you arm….


Let’s go on a honey trial, to find the dripping sweet softness within. 


A re-centering of our sensitivity, for most of us when we declare just how sensitive we are it’s usually followed with the collapsing energy of how exhausting it is to “ pick up on peoples energy” “ get drained from negative people” and so on, yet I wonder do we ever stop to truly feel ourselves as a living alive human body, the sensitivity of our bodies as an imprinted gift to receive the world around us in a nourishing and regenerative way? 


Our skin is our bodies self made boundary that lets our tissue belong in privacy beneath it yet our skin isn’t like some of our psychologically made boundaries that are more like clad iron walls, our skin allows sensation to travel through it’s a layer of protection that allows information seep into entire system through sensation and touch. 


In world demanding everything be extremely safe or else it’s traumatic, to cut off the “negative” people, to make protective bubbles around us to prevent “negative” energy coming in etc etc…… 


I wonder have we considered we become our own source of safety ? We become the deeply compassionate human who has no need to draw conclusions on who another is based off  momentary interactions, we know our bodies so intimately we move through our engagements with others knowing what self respect feels like and how to remove ourselves when that’s not being honoured in a self honouring way rather than a finger pointing blaming way. 


To trace our fingers across our skin, to hold our own hand, our cheeks, to embrace the movement of our flesh… this is the honey trail. 

To really feel our preciousness.


Within us lives a pot of soft dripping rich honey. 


Come join us as we seek it out through embodied touch. 


Beginning with a warm cup of cacao to enrich our pallet with the tingle of flavour and the richness of the warmth pouring down our throat into the centre of our chest, leading us into a self touch practice where we will explore a fully guided practice of touch on our skin and a more firm touch to get a sense of the layers to our body. 


This practice is a women only space, it’s fully guided and held within a safe warm environment with a guide who whole heartedly believes in the human woman in all of her mundane normal yet divine unexplainable magic. 


Natasha is a mother and a woman first, but also she’s been serving cacao for over 4 years, she’s led hundreds people through beautiful transformation via simplicity of the heart led ceremonies and having spent her whole life longing for more touch has gone through a  Neuro-Affective touch course and practiced with different variations of embodiment for over 3 years. 


Most importantly this will be enJOYable, I never allow our longing to go deeper into ourselves become obligatory so it will be embedded with light hearted feel good energy. 



Practice is done fully clothed and is a women only space.



Co. Wicklow

Time: 10.30am-12.30pm

Sunday November 27th



Dates: 27/11/22

Times: 10.30am-12.30pm

Price: €45.95

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