Forest Ceremony

A gathering at sunrise to honour & explore endings and beginings. 

Date: 29/8/21  

Times: 5.45am-7.30am

Price: €29.95

Come gather with us at this very sacred time of the day, sunrise, amongst the trees, we will share cacao, bathe in drum vibrations, honour the land, feel deeply into our feeling state, express our hearts and explore endings and beginnings as it pretains to seasons and our own personal experiences  . A source of connection to ourselves, each other, the land, the sky and all the energy that fuels our lives at this time. Sunrise holds a sacred place in my heart and there is nothing quite like the forest that time of the morning despite what our "just waking up" mind tries to tell us. As we approach the end of summer and feel the beginning of Autumn creep in we will bask in this energy of change and curiously explore it within ourselves.

So if you are feeling like you want to explore these energies and gather with like hearted people, you are very welcome to come along.

As we live in Ireland nobody can predict the weather, obviously so wrap up warm, We will be beneath the trees so that will provide some shelter should it be a wet morning, even still it is miraculous for our spirit to get amongst the elements. We will be welcoming whatever comes and that alone is ceremony in and of itself. 

We will meet at Killiney Hill Car park at 5.45am (please be on time), bring a yoga mat or something to sit on and dress really warm, a blanket or shawl might be wise to bring also but most of all bring your fine self, your unprepared, unfiltered, perfectly perfect self.

I will serve cacao and guide the whole ceremony, you don't need to have done this before and it's completely ok if you've done it lots before.

This will be the final forest ceremony of summer, for Autumn/Winter I intend to switch it from forest to fire which brings a whole new experience so if you wish you experience a forest ceremony amongst the woodland and rustling leaves  this is your chance. It is a wonderful thing to come along with friends and it is also very sacred to come alone as you can drop into your own space completely, Oh and by the time we get to the end we all feel like friends anyway, the forest has that connection effect on us.

I know I keep logistics brief but its more a feeling state Im encouraging you to decide from, how does it feel to think about being up and in the forest for sun rising, drinking cacao, journeying through ceremony practises under a full moon? With other humans ? Decide from there <3 

Once you Book your spot that's it your in, you will receive one email from me the day before ceremony with final details. 

I hope you know you are loved!

Natasha .X



Dates: 29/8/21

Times: 5.45am-7.30am

Price: €29.95

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