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*includes ceremonial cacao


Dates: June 7th -  July 5th

Times: Sent via email after booking

Price: €155 *includes ceremonial cacao

Right now our world is changing.  The way we once lived and functioned as humans has ceased to exist.  We have been given an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to our inner world in a greater degree than we have ever before. For the last few months we have joined together in community and connection and watched the sun rise each morning, sipping a warm cup of cacao as we come back in to our bodies. When the world was forced to disconnect, we found a way to reconnect. Rebels of the heart.


As we merge into this new space on earth, our beloved '7Day Cacao Sunrise Experience' has evolved into a slower more sustainable online community. Introducing to you, our '30 Day Inward Journey - Look Up & C'. Beginning June 7th, we will form a community of open hearts to uncover, connect and rebirth ourselves.





- A block of ceremonial grade cacao shipped to your front door.

- 2 guided cacao sunrise experiences each week beginning at 5.15am (Monday & Friday).

- Guided New moon Ritual and a Guided Full moon Ritual.

- Access to a private instagram account, with daily inspired thought provoking content.

- A blissful 1 hour cacao ceremony, 2 Sundays of the month (late morning/early afternoon).

- A deep, prolonged journey, into a month filled with all of Natasha’s life hacks and tips for living life as a ceremonial experience everyday.

- Bonus IG lives in the private account for our 'Look Up & C' community only.

- Card readings to provoke a connection to your own inner guidance on the next steps of your journey.

- A first hand experience of using ceremonial cacao as a plant medicine to see yourself deeper and feel the alchemy of this high vibrational guide. - Information about the chemical make up of ceremonial grade cacao and the benefits of incorporating this superfood into your diet.

- Most of all, belong to a community that feels nourishing, expansive, loving and understanding, while you become unraveled and revitalised as the newest, highest version of yourself.


The pace of this journey is slow and pleasurable, easy to digest and is guarantee’d to leave plenty of space for you to know yourself deeper than you ever have before. If there is something inside of you that feels curious as you read these words, that’s the seed of guidance to trust. Let go of your need to know everything and trust yourself, trust your curiosity, follow your flow and 'Look Up & C' we have nothing to worry about. Trust that!

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