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Release Gather Leap



A guided ritual experience to access our deepest clarity for our highest alignment


Dates: December 31st 

Times: 6.30pm-9.30pm

Price: €40.50

( This is BYO cacao experience due to no post operations)

Everyone loves a fresh start right ? What I've found is most people decide on a new resolution for the new year ahead but do we really ever take time to digest the year that has past? Integrate the lessons?, and then decide what way we wanna go into a new year? I know 2020 has challenged us all and if I had a love for New Years eve before, I have deep passionate obsession with it this year! 

This workshop will be a ritual setting so it will be slow and ceremonial with some fun. The processes and rituals during this gathering will be tools you will take with you and have to use as often as wish going forward. The intention is to call back our experiences of this year and release them through spontaneous intuitive movement from the energy field we will also fill that space with the glorious lessons and gifts we received throughout the year followed by some clear guiding direction for the year ahead.

We will learn to use aromatic anchors to really ground our clear intentions going forward into our bodies. ( A 10ml rollerball bottle blend is included in the cost so you will have this scent to use at your discretion all year) No longer valid must BYO essential oil

New Years Eve is my favourite celebration of the entire calendar I have been indulging in this ritual myself for 4+ years and I am truly filled with enthusiasm to share this evening and experience with you. 


We will begin with a Sacred cacao circle to open the space ( A single serve 42grams of Keiths cacao is included in the ticket cost)No longer valid must BYO I will guide us through a practice of review on the year and together in this sacred safe space we will fully feel it all and begin releasing, it will be guided and space will be offered for you to choose how best serves you to be with the releasing of the bigger emotions and heavier stuff, We will follow on with some slower gentle guided visualisations that will become journal prompts for us to get the blessings/lessons out on to paper from this space we will find a guiding word as a centre for the year ahead.

I offer you but a mere brief of what this workshop is as its a fully feeling experiential experience. Tune in to the idea of you having created a sacred space within your own home, your cosy den, on New Years Eve, gathered with others but with privacy to fully be with yourself and be led to the places you want to let go to (fully feel our feelings) and let go of(what's no longer serving you), to fully feel renewed, clear and connected deeply to ourselves as we welcome in a brand new year. Feel that ? is it a clear yes? is it a nervous excited edge ? Begin tuning in now that's all you need to know to show up these details will only satiate your mind but something deeper knows! ( Always)


- A chance to experience cacao in a deep sacred slow setting.

- A chance to experience New Years Eve in conscious sacred life giving way.

- An open warm welcoming safe space.

- Clarity on your direction going forward.

- Lots of learning and guidance on how movement helps us release old stagnant energy.

- Journal prompts to help you to access your own clarity.

- A ritual setting to really honour time with ourselves after a festive season and unpredicibale year. 

- Tools to use throughout the whole year to regain clarity whenever you need it.

While this is a workshop to evoke transformation, clarity and healing it will also be filled with laughter and light heartedness.

This workshop is fully guided and you have choice throughout to engage or not it is suitable for all humans you don't need to have done anything like this in the past the only requirements is an open mind and an open heart.

(A deep love for New Years Eve would be wonderful as I will be lit its my FAVOURITE time of the year!) LOL


You will also need to bring: 

- Your favourite mug

- Ceremonial Cacao

- An essential oil or favourite scent

- A crystal or stone 

- A piece of rope/String/Wool long enough to fit around your wrist

- A journal/paper & pen  

- A candle

- Blanket pillow & yoga matt to create your sacred space at home

- Anything that sparks your joy and love.

- A laptop/phone/ipad with decent wifi connection for zoom 

- A quiet space within your home to be fully inside yourself for majority of 3 hours.

PS, a recording of this workshop will be available for 48hours after it has finished, while I HIGHLY encourage you to show up live in the energy with the group if its not possible and you want to engage in this ritual/process of connecting deeply to your own clarity you have a window to create the space you need at a later time. 

All my love

Natasha x



Dates: December 31st


Price: €40.50

Thanks for submitting!

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