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Sunrise Solstice 

Join us for sunrise on Summer Solstice to embrace the rising sun in the silence and softness those early hours offer us, allowing the honey from our heart to drip out into our lives as we embrace the lightness of this time and all the magic it beholds. A centring practice to anchor us into our bodies and slowness as we clear up our energy and look ahead preparing intentions for our own unique unfolding in the coming months. 

A simple space set up within your home with the gentle guidance of Natasha via zoom for a 45minute practice of becoming present or resting fully in what is allowing clarity of the heart to shine through, utilising cacao or your favourite herbal tea. 

We begin at 4.30am Tuesday June 21st via zoom.



Date: 21/6/22

Time: 4.30am-5.15am

Price: €12

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