A morning of Sacred Space

Cacao Ceremony Online


Time: 6:30am-7.30am

Price: €11

Do you feel like your on button never gets an opportunity to switch off ?

Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day, not to do more but just to sit and be and collect your whole self for a moment ?


Yes? Me too. 


Join me on Sunday at sunrise (6.30am) for a time-out, some sacred space. From the warmth, comfort and travel free-ness of your own home.


We will come together via Zoom, which really does have its place on these cold wintery mornings. We will set up our sacred space in our homes and wake up into and join in for a Cacao Ceremony.


There will be a fresh intention set for us to dive into, a safe space to let go, to indulge in our inner landscape before the world wakes up and begins asking all it does from us. 


A moment of clarity before a brand new week, A cosy connected Cacao-filled joyful community gathering. 


This Ceremony will be 1 hour long and it will include us sipping cacao, sitting in our peace and quiet, in that state of contemplation where we can actually indulge in our higher mind space, the creative flow space, the heart space, the emotional space, the free to do and be our full self space. 

There's magic at this time of the morning, and that's certainly not the first time I've mentioned it. 


This is your opportunity, and even if it's the only one of the week we get for ourselves, let's choose it. 


Excited to rise in sacred space with you 

Cacao will be blissful for this event however you're welcome to also just bring your fav tea. 



PS. Bookings Close 7.30pm Saturday evening (night before)



Date: 19/12/21

Time: 6:30am-7.30am

Price: €11

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