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our primal space.

Beneath all the layers that make us up, that assist us in participating in society, is our truly sacred primal animal selves. The word "animal" may make you squirm depending on the degree to which we have allowed ourselves to feel this part of us; whether we want to accept it or not it’s there in the background asking to be felt, to be acknowledged. We can cover it up, clip our nails, bite our tongues, put a smile on our face, yet there are moments throughout life it will come up and we won't be able to stop it, nor do we need to when we make contact with it and become comfortable embracing its sacred power.

It has been my personal experience that when I tap into this primal part of myself, a lot of times the world around me doesn’t know how to receive me. Yet, at the same time I feel life move through me deeper than ever before, I watch abundance unfold for me effortlessly, I watch my creativity and sense of aliveness soar, I feel closer to the spirit and in tune with a power, an instinct that fuels me to live a life of true empowerment as a woman, mother, friend and human. So, the world for the most part can’t understand it, yet that's not our responsibility to remain numb to participate in a disconnected society. I am willing to be misunderstood externally to feel understood by myself internally.


our primal space

July 3rd - August 14th

Sunday Mornings



We begin this journey with a full-day in-person retreat which will be the container for:

  • Medicines (Hape & Cacao) Ceremony.

  • Nurture nests ( hands on body work).

  • Silence.

  • Painting & Writing.

  • Giving the layers of emotion within our body expression.

  • Practice in revealing our heart.

  • Practice in feeling our instinct. 

  • Unravelling patterns that prevent us from living true to our nature.

  • Exploring the primal and the mental meeting in the middle. Our heart space.

  • Hearing the voice of spirit while being in the body of our primal force.

  • Deeply intimate space.

  • A Premium Ritual gift box.


This retreat day will include all medicine Cacao & Hape (both optional) we will share a raw juice, a late dinner, a feast. This will be a 10 hour day 10 am - 8 pm, it will be opening up the container for us to do this work. This day will be intensive and safe, deeply safe and spacious.


This journey is in total 6 weeks, we will follow on from the retreat day with weekly calls, 1 Call per week including a book club, practices & rituals to support the uncovering, Q&A sessions and cacao ceremonies. Think of this as your integration period. 


Each Woman receives a ritual box upon arrival which will contain:

  • A book ( the one we will use for book club)

  • A block of Keith's Cacao

  • Other high-quality gifts handpicked by Natasha. 

We begin July 3rd in the incredible venue Ombu yoga studio located in Kildare (NOTE: you must be available to attend the retreat day to join this journey). After this initial opening day, we will work on Zoom weekly Sunday mornings(time tbc) beginning July 10th-August 14th. All calls will be recorded with a 7-day playback option. This journey is intimate and carries huge depth so I will keep the spaces limited to 10 people where we can come together in a group on Signal (alternative to WhatsApp) so we are held within a container for this becoming and also have immediate access where support may be required. 

What I know for sure is I don’t know everything, but I know our instinct has power and we need to be connected to it, to ourselves deeper so we can move through life as we were designed to in connection to our true nature, being able and feeling capable of caring for ourselves our families our communities in the way our power guides us to. Being radiant examples of love in all its ferocious juiciness. 

This journey isn’t one of logic or clear cut step by step know exactly what beforehand, I speak to the Body, to the parts not often felt, and I ask them to be loud enough while you read this if it's for you. I give the logistics our mind needs to stand down and then it's on the body to decide. I leave weekly topics unclear so I have the space to meet the group in their immediate needs and use my instinct, let's say. ;) 


So I ask you the question one final time, Are you ready to be in WILD SPACE to find your primal place, Woman?


I'm ready to unravel and reveal with you, the world needs us, we need us xxx


"I was extremely blessed to have been witness to the first Wild Space journey. I had an absolute rollercoaster of a ride from deep within. I've learnt so much about me, as what my being, that's inside my body, wants. That alone has been mind-opening." - Kirsha

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